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C1- Climate Change & Global Warming

A             A Historical Review of Factors That Have Affected Earth’s Climate Changes & Global Warming Periods

A1           Racial Problems -Atlantis & Lemuria – 12,000 years ago an – refer to Ch.9, Your First Contact, S. Nidle’s Bk. 2

A1.1       Sheldon Nidle is the channel that provides information from beings who live in the Sirian star system-  one of the closest and brightest star that is low in the southern sky at night. They provide channeled information to him that are available in 2 books now.

A1.2       The Sirians are providing the divine plan for restoration of the earth – now that the graduation year of 2012 has passed.

A1.3       Earthians ie human beings living on earth must start doing this restoration work. Below I will summarize what  responsibilities of guardian- caretakers types of work this involves.

A1.4       We may think duality only applies to humans. That is not correct. There is duality, ie galactic wars that occur between different star systems and galaxies. The Annunaki are the negative group that has controlled this part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

A1.5       Normally planets that will have humans residing on their surface will have 2 levels of firmaments installed.

A1.6       This permits humans to live from 700 to 1000 years. Human bodies do not age if there is Firmaments around the planet.

A1.7       At the same time, they began to interfere with the 12 strands of DNA – they reduced it to 2 strands of DNA which we have now.

A1.8       We have been told that we are guardian caretakers of Earth- and one of our assignments is to help return earth back to its original pristine condition.

B             Beginning of the Great Flood

2.1          About 12, 000 years ago the Annunaki moved one of earth’s moons to the LaGrange Point which blew up another moon . This caused a great explosion of gases under the surface, and it began the ‘Great Flood’.

A2.2       This caused the oceans to rise by 300 to 400 feet. This raining phase probably took hundreds of years before it stopped. At the same time mountain ranges rose above the surface on the west coast of North & South America.

A2.3       The weather around Earth changed as well. Northern Canada experienced an Ice Age. The same occurred in Russia.

A2.4       Refer to Figure 26 on page 221 od Nidle-Book 2. This displays our restored Solar System. It also includes the restored planet Maldek. Refer to Figure 27. This illustrates the steps that are required to restore a solar system.

A2.5       Please refer to Ch.12, ‘The Great Flood & Its Aftermath’ to review what the Annunaki did after the Great Flood and after Lumeria & Atlantis sank into the oceans.

C             Climate Change after the Flood to Present Time- Refer to Ch’s 11 & 12

C1.1       The Sirians are our guides and designers of the restoration plan.     They have provided a summary of the changes that are required to return Earth back to her original pristine condition. The 2 Levels of Firmaments were destroyed, as stated In Dec. 2.1 below. The Sirians can start to rebuild these 2 levels of Firmaments and the crystal structures that hold up the Firmament- 2 levels of frozen ice.

C1.2       Earthians- all nations and races can start now to be put the required restoration energies into storage so that the levels can be rebuilt at a later time that will be defined in the divine plan for restoration of these 2 levels of firmaments.

C1.3       We have been told that we are guardian caretakers of Earth- and one of our assignments is to help return earth back to its original pristine condition.

C1.4       I have compiled a list and details about the methods that we can use to have these 2 levels of Firmaments restored back to their original conditions. These are provided in the ‘Toolbox of Techniques’ website. Please refer to that w-site to help identify the type of methods that can be used to reconstruct them, as part of our guardian-caretaker work.