L – P

L4  What is Lightbody? AA Ariel Bk L1 Warm Blodded Animals L2 Cold Blooded – Fish, Reptiles
B4-1 Ch.1, Front- End, Your Bodies L1-1 Large Animals L2-1 Large Fish, etc-
B4-2 Ch.2, Dimensions,  Your Chakras L1-2 Medium sized Animals L2-2 Medium Size Fish, etc.
B4-3 Ch.3, What is Lightbody? L1-3 Small sized Animals L2-3 Small Pet Fish,
B4-4 Ch.4, Activations- Level 1 to 12 L1-4 Small Multi-leg Crawlers L2-4 Eating Cold Blooded Fish, etc
B4-5 Ch.5, Q & A & Ch.6,  Tool Box & Kit L1-5 Cetations – Sentient Beings L2-5 Excessive fish nets killing other species
L4 Birds,  Dinosaurs, Snakes L5 Trees, Vegetation, Grains
L4-1 Large Birds – Extict or not? L5-1 Trees- Evergreeens
L4-2 Medium Tropical Birds L5-2 Trees- Deciduous, with broad leaves
L3-3 Migratory & Permanent Resident Birds L5-3 Fruit & Shrub Trees
L4-4 Small  Tropical & House Birds L5-4 Grasses and grains
L4-5 L5-5 Edible Ocean & Land Vegetables, etc
L7 Legislation -Gov’t, Canada L8 Legislation -USA L9 Legislation- Other Countries
B4-8 Add More Checks & Balances L8-1 Fix Checks & Balance Problems L9-1 Recomd Chk & Bal. 4 British Colony
L7-2 L8-2 L9-2
L7-3 L8-3 L9-3
L7-4 L8-4 L9-4
L7-5 L8-5 L9-5
M1 Moon’s Structural Information M2 Meta-human Connections M3 Myth-Busting – Misiformation J
M1-1 Moon’s History-moved from Sirius M1-1 Meta-human Description M3-1 The Earth and all planets are Hollow J
M1-2 Upper Shell Structure & Thickness M1-2 M3-2 There are 12 Universes, not 1 J
M1-3 Appolo Program & Lunar Landing Module M7-3 CT.12 – AA Gabriel, Future Happenings M3-3 There was never a “Big Bang” J
M1-4 Sp. Gravity & La Grange Point M1-4 M3-4 It takes months to create a planet
M4  Becoming  Masters – Physical & Spititual  M5 Meta-human Ref. Bks & Library M6 Moongate & Alien Bases-on Moon Bks
M4-1  Walk Path of a Master- SJ- Aug- p65 M5-1 Sed.Jrnl Artcl& Bk’s- 1,2 &3 M6-1 1981- We Discovered Alien Bases J
M4-2 Masters & Mastery, SJ-Mar. ’97, p38 M5-2 Pldn. Bk – Living Library, Ch 1 to 3 M6-2 on the Moon- F.Steckling
M4-3 LL-121-AAMik-Golden Ring –  Sed. Jrnl Oct 2002, p39  doc M5-3 Pldn. Bk – Living Library, Ch 4 to 6 M6-3 1982- MOONGATE: The NASA J
M4-4 M5-4 Pldn. Bk – Living Library, Ch 7 to12 M6-4 Coverup- W.L. Brian II- Bk.
M7 MARS Planet Regeneration M8 Montauk -Secret Projects M9 Montauk Q- Sciences J
M7-1 Historical Review M8-1 Philidelphia Experiment – Involved? M9-1 Mind Control J
M7-2 Restoration Plans M8-2 Montauk Overview Book- Moon + M9-2 Fix 1943 – rerun properly in 1983 J
M7-3 Future Earth Inhabitants M8-3 HAARP Testing M9-3 Cloning Program Progress J
M7-4 Any precious minerals on surface? M8-4 Time-Space travel Machine M9-4 HAARP J
M7-5 M8-5 Latest Momtauk Bk-Moon + M9-5 ROM Program Development J
M7-6 Start Recolonize- When 22-2300? M8-6 Original Montauk Book M9-6 Weather Interference J
N1 Na.Abo’s -Canada NA Info N2 Historical Na.Abo. Planet N3 Na.Abo- Injustice Files
N1-1 Elder’s Experiences Reports N2-1 Lemuria – AAM -ECU N3-1 Canada
N1-2 Methods- Med.Wheel, Drumming, Dances N2-2 Other Lemuria in Sed. J N3-2 US & Mexico
N1-3 Shamanism, 4 Elemets, etc N2-3 Nidle 1, in Gal. Human , Bk N3-3 S. America
N1-4 Neil Farstad courses N2-4 Nidle 2, Your 1st Contact N3-4 Europe / African colonies
N1-5 Govrn- using Pod, Clan, Nations N2-5 Nidle 3, PAO, Plnt, Activ. Org. N3-5 Asia & SE Asia
N1-6 Na. Abo. – Replace Indian Act N2-6 N3-6 Australia & Polynesia
N4 Na. Analysis of Injustice by Continents N5 Guardian-Caretaker Work- SEND N6 Na.Abo- Injustice – Canada & US
N4-1 No. America- Canada , USA, Mexico N5-1 Nidle.1,Gal Human, Ch.8, GC N6-1 No income from forest or mining
N4-2 So. America N5-2 Send LL+ Other Engy to Gaia N6-2 much land grab-back by Fd in past
N4-3 Europe & Africa N5-3 Send LL+ Other Engy to Life-forms N6-3 Feds broke almost all treaties 4 last 150 yr
N4-4 Midl.East & NE Africa N5-4 Send LL+ to Create Environment Cleanup N6-4 UN & Suprm Cout of Can.says fix it now
N4-5 All Asia and SE Asian Islands N5-5 Restock Trees & O2 Generation N6-5 Conserv refused to do it
N4-6 Australia & NZ N5-6 Restock Oceans with good Fauna, B6-6 If elected, the Linerals must fix it now
N7 Traditional Shamanism N8 NATIONS- 25 Major & 7 Special Role Ntn’s  N9 Na.Abo- Injustice – Planetary
N7-1 Elders & Chiefs N8-1 Same gen. problems as Canada
N7-2 Medicine wheel, Drumming N8-2 Need help with check-balance legislation
N7-3 Shamanism, 4 Elemets, etc N8-3 Many  countries – had worse genocide
N7-4 Govrn- using Pod, Clan, Nations N8-4 Need help with getting royalty Money
N7-5 Help get a win-win agreement N8-5 Need help with new agreements
N7-6 N8-6 Do this in over 100 countries with Na.Abo
O1   ‘OLOGY O7 Physical- Omniverse O3 Arts, Movies, Theatre
O1-1 Sociology O7-1 Physical- Universes 1 to 12 O3-1 Arts & Theatre
O1-2 Psychopogy O7-2 Physical- Uiverse 12 O3-2 Music
O1-3 Psychiatry Principles O7-3 Physical- Galaxies O3-3 Entertainment
O1-4 Philosophy O7-4 Our-Milky Way Galaxy -MWG O3-4 Relaxation & Games
O1-5 Religology & Religions- Overview O2-5 Physical- Solar Systems & Planets O3-5 Music
O1-6 Other- O2-6 Our Solar Systems & Planets O3-6 Sports
O4 ED’s Spirit Growth & Development O5 High Level Spiritual Heirarchy O6 High-Level Groups
O4-1 KRYON- Books 1 to 9 O5-1 Quan Yin O6-1 Source
O4-2 VYWAMUS & Makatma I & II O5-2 Kuthumi O6-2 Metatron
O4-3 Zoosh- Explorer Race O5-3 Mother Mary O6-3 Sananda
O4-4 AAMik – Bk’s – 1,2, 3 O5-4 Sanat Kumara O6-4 Lord Maitreya
O4-5 Other AAngel’s – Articles O5-5 Serapis Bey – Ascension O6-5 Other High Heirarchy
O4-6 Spiritual Heirarchy -Sedona Jrnl Articles O5-6 Dwahl Khul O6-6
O7 AA Michael & Gaia on Evolution O8 O-logies & Mental Belief Systems O9 Large Physical Matter – Omniverse 
O7-1 AAM, Bk.- Earth, Cosmos & You O8-1 Sociology & Psychology O9-1 Universes & Galaxies
O7-2 AAM, Human Evolution- Articles O8-2 Mental Beliefs & Misinformation Assumptions O9-2 Small  Str.- Atoms, molecules, etc.
O7-3 Gaia’s- Advice for Humans O8-3 Religology & Spiritual Beliefs O8-3 URANTIA – ‘Order of Melchizedek’s History
O7-4 Gaia’s- Advice for Planetary Cleanup O8-4 Life’s Purpose- Acquire Experience & Wisdom O9-4 Universes 1 to 12, Is this 1 or 12 “Big Bangs”
O7-5 Guardian-Caretaker – Work O8-5 Reincarnation-Continuous repetitive Life Plan O9-5 Galaxies & Solar Systems
Political Structures & Government Institutions Physical Structures & Energy Systems
 P’Taah Tapes P2-1 Universes P3-1 Sirian-Lyran Social Structure- Pos. Side
P1-2 P2-2 Energy Interfaces P3-2 Sirian History of Earth Human Development
P1-3 Encounter in the Pleiadians- Moon P2-3 Galaxies P3-3  Prism of Lyra Bk.– O’View of Evolution of Earthians
P1-4 Message from the Pleiadians P2-4 Energy Interfaces P3-4 Present UN structure
P1-5 Samjase, Evolution of Humans – Parts 1 & 2 P2-5 Solar Systems P3-5 Present Planet Political Problems
P1-6 B2-6 Photon Belt P3-6 New Restoration Plan- back to Original
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P4 Pol./Gov. England & Former Colonies P5 Planets & Moons P6  Other Continents
P7-1 2- Party Gov’ts P5-1 P6-1 European nations
P7-2 England P5-2 P6-2 Africa nations
P7-3 USA – Constitution P5-3 P6-3 Australia & NZ.
P7-4 Colonial Natns- Can’da, Austr, NZ P5-4 P6-4 Asia- Hong Kong, India
P7-5 Other British Empire P5-5 P6-5 Native Aboriginals- All Continents
Checks & Balances Planet Internal Structure Major Surface Continents & Islands
P7 Checks & Balance for P7 above P8 P9
P5-1 Politics/Gov. England & Frmr Colonies P8-1 Torroid Outer Sphere P9-1 European nations
P5-2 England P8-2 Inner Sun P9-2 Africa nations
P5-3 USA – Constitution P8-3 Inner Continent  Habitated Areas P9-3 Australia & NZ.
P5-4 Colonial Natns- Can’da, Austr, NZ P8-4 Inner Tunnel Systems & Cities P9-4 Asia- Hong Kong, India
P5-5 Other British Empire P8-5 Inner ET Bases & U-Ground Bases P9-5 Island Nations in Pacific
P5-6 P8-6 P9-6 North & South America