Q – U


Q1 Quantum Physics, etc Q2 Quantum – TESLA Energy Bk’s Q3 Encounter in the Pleiades: Part 1- Nichols and Moon
Q1-1 Quantum Physics, Q1-1 Bk. Commander X – TESLA Q1-1 Ch. 1 to 8
Q1-2 Quantum Energy Q1-2 Beardon Bk. Solution to TESLA Secrets Q1-2 Ch. 9 to 16
Q1-3 Quantum Particles & Rays Q1-3 Cater Bk, Awesome Force Q1-3 Ch. 13 to 20
Q1-4 Q1-4 Q1-4 Ch. 17 to 23
Q1-5 Q1-5 Q1-5 Ch. 28 to 35
Q1-6 Q1-6 Q1-6 Ch. 36 to 40 + Apndx & Biblio
Q4 Quantum – Free Energy Articles Q5 Big 6 – Inventors Articles Q6 More Nichols & Moon, Bks 2 & 3
Q4-1 Q5-1 Q6-1
Q4-2 Q5-2 Q6-2
Q4-3 Q5-3 Q6-3
Q4-4 Q5-4 Q6-4
Q7 Space Ship’s – Gravity Drives Q8 TESLAs Elect. & Mag Device Apps Q9  Montauk Project-Xperiment in Time
Q7-1 Q8-1 Motors & Generators Q9-1
Q7-2 Q8-2 Heating& Cooling, Refrig. Q9-2
Q7-3 Q8-3 Remote Power Transfer Q9-3
Q7-4 Q8-4 Commmasnder X, Bk QP-4


R1 RE-INCARNATION – Bk’s R2 Re-Inc-AA’s & Sp. Heirarchy R3 Re-Inc.- KARMA
R1-1 Bk.-J.Stevens, Tau to Earth R2-1 Hilarion,various articles in Bk’s R3-1 Bk. Stubbs- Ascension Handbook
R1-2 Bk.-J.Stevens,  Earth to Tau R2-2 Re-Inc-201,  Andomus, SJ, Mr ’96, Mitigating the Actions of Young Soles R3-2 Bk. Breaux-The Way of KARMA, Part 1- P3, What is Karma
R1-3 Bk.-J.Stevens, Handbook R2-3 R3-3 P255- Implications of Karma Br
R1-4 R2-4 R3-4
R1-5 Bk.- J.Pope, Old Soul’s Guide to Universe R2-5 R3-5
R1-6 Michael’s Cast of Characters- Baumback R2-6 R3-6
R4 Religions & Religology R5 Religion- Roman Catholic R6 Relig – Protestant
R4-1 Overview- Why so many Religions ? R5-1  Roman Catholic & R6-1 Brit.-Anglican
R4-2 Comparative Reviews R5-2 Greek Catholic R6-2 Methodist
R4-3 When Religions go Negative – Why & Karma Lesson? R5-3 Russian / Slavic Catholic R6-3 Lutheran
R4-4 HaneenPld, Perspective on Our Past, Cn.Link, Iu 21, p10 R5-4 R6-4 Fundamentalist
R7 Rel. Budhism  R8 Rel. – Islam R9 Relationship & Mating Games
R7-1 Indian R8-1 Fundamentalist – R9-1 Early Teens Infatuation
R7-2  Hindu R8-2 Sectarion- Turkey R9-2 Later Teens,
R7-3 Iran – R8-3 Small Group of Warring Tendencies- R9-3 Pre-marital social group activities
R7-4 Japan – Shinto R8-4 R9-4
R7-5 R8-5 R9-5
R7-6 R8-6 R9-6


S1 Coupling Problems S2 Genders – General S3 Soul Focus & Characteristics
S1-1 Spiritual Psychology S2-1 Male S3-1 SIMION, Balancing 5 Levels of the Soul, SJ-Ap.’11
S1-2 Happiness & Self- Love S2-2 Genders – Man & Woman S3-2 ElMorya- The Longing for Soul-mate-SJ, No, ’98
S1-3  Finding Your Perfect Mate S2-3 Female S3-3  Dr. J. Stone, Bk-Soul Psychology
S1-4 Ideal Relationships S2-4 Feminism- Pro’s & Cons’s S3-4 Soul Evolution, Free-will & Supermind, Oc.,2011
S1-5 C.Moon- Power of the Gift S2-5 Gender Balance S3-5 Germya, AlignLow, Mid. & High Self,SJ-Ju’99
S1-6  Bk.- C. Spezzano- 30 day’s to S2-6 Males- Develop Heart Centred Focus S3-6
S4 Spiritual Growth S5 Sexual Orientation Variations S6 Cosmic Sexuality
S4-1 Maitreya, Path to Spiritual Growth, SJ, Oct,’95 S5-1 Gay Males S6-1 Bk-Future Galactic Sex, Lys. Royal
S4-2 Ieoya+ Grp. Cnscs, Dvelp Spir’ly, Phys, Mntl, -02 S5-2  Female bi-sexuality S6-2 Bk.-Liquid Light of Sex. BH Clow
S4-3 Atwater, Spiritual Awakenings & enlghten, S5-3 Start of new third Sex orientation S6-3 Bk.-Sex in Society, 1975
S4-4 Soul Evolution, Free-will & Supermind, Oc.,2011 S5-4 S6-4 Bk.- Mystical Sex
S4-5 S5-5 S6-5
S4-6 S5-6 S6-6
S7 Unconditional Love / Acceptance S8 Self-Celf-Centredness- No! No’s S9 Benevolent Outcomes & Magic
S7-1 Sending sharing loving energies S8-1 Arrogance S9-1 MBO’s- Most Benevolent Outcomes
S7-2 Stay heart centred and send energy out S8-2 Greedy S9-2 MBO’s- for Mother Earth
S7-3 S8-3 D’s- S9-3 MBO’s- for warring nations & races
S7-4 S8-4 Judgemental S9-4 MBO’s- Other Applications
S7-5 S8-5 Hateful S9-5 Benevolent Magic – Zoosh
S7-6 S8-6 Jealousness S9-6


T1 Tool-Box or Tool-Kit T2 Terra- Hollow Earth, Dr.Bernard  T3 Terra- Structural
T1-1 General prayers T2-1 Ch.1, p30, Admrl Byrd’s Discovery T3-1 Outside Torroid – Inner Sun
T1-2 Living Prayers T2-2 Ch.2, p59, The Hollow Earth T3-2 In Torroid tunnels
T1-3 Daly., Wkly, Mo’ly. Prayers T2-3 Ch.3, p96, Reed’s Bk “Phntm of Poles” T3-3
T1-4 MBO- Most Beneolent Outcomes T2-4 Ch.4, p120, Gardner’s Bk. Jrny to Interior T3-4
T1-5 Benevolent Magic- ZOOSH T2-5 Ch.9, p208,Agharta, Subterranean Wrld T4-5
T1-6 Living Prayers- Terra Plnt & Mo.Earth T2-6 Ch.10, p234, UFO’s in Ancient Times T5-6
T4 Terra-Gaia, Pollution Problems T5 Terra-Gaia, Guard-C’taker Work T6 Restore Planets to Original
T4-1 Air & Fire T5-1 Start sending life-sustaining energies T6-1 Restore earth with 2 Firmanent Lvls
T4-2 Water T5-2 Let cetations + whales retire or do other T6-2 Restore All 4 Elements back to original
T4-3 Earth soil & minerals, etc T5-3 Humans begin C’taker Responsibility’s T6-3 Restore Mars
T4-4 Restore upper atmos. with O2 T5-4 T6-4 Restore Venus
T4-5 Stop using Hydrocarbon fuels T5-5 T6-5 Restore Maldek
T4-6 T5-6 T6-6 Restore Uranus
T7 Bk.1, U-Ground Alien Base, Cmndr x T8 Time-Space Manipulation T9 TRUTH- and Belief Systems
T7-1 Ch.1, Life Beneath Earth’s Surfce T8-1 Move Zeta’s back & Humans Fwrd in time T9-1 Bashar -Ultimate Truth, C.Lnk, Isu 16,p. 73
T7-2 Ch.2, Ancient Tunnel System T8-2 Humans moved frwd in Dimensions T9-2 Truth- Recognize it on all Levels,SJ, Fb.’97
T7-3 The Dulce Base T8-3 Asc.Mstrs-U’Stand Time- Tme.Trvl H’grams ’06 T9-3
T7-4 Ch.4, Going Underground T8-4 Astrol.Tme- 2006-2014- Interpretation, T9-4
T7-5 Ch.5, Bases in the USA T8-5 GalCnsl, Opening the Time-Space Doorway, T9-5
T7-6 Ch.6, Canadian Saucer Base T8-6 Near Instant Travel – High Light-Quotient Lvl T9-6